Engine Rendering Engineer

Engine Rendering Engineer

Location: Redmond, Washington

Job Type: Contract

Site: Remote

Job Order Number: 1228221

Job Description:

As part of the engine team you will work closely with the art team to determine their desired workflows and design / create systems to enable highly iterative workflows.

In order to keep the engine at the forefront of the industry, you will design and implement new rendering techniques to improve the beauty and efficiency of the engine.

As a First-Party studio, this team works hand-in-hand with the Xbox One platform teams and Microsoft Studios to define gaming experiences across the Microsoft gaming ecosystem on Xbox and PC platfomrs. You will help deliver the next AAA title from Turn 10 Studios on next generation platforms.

You must be comfortable dealing with ambiguous, challenging problems. Excellent communication skills are vital.


• B.S. in Math/Computer Science, or related field, or equivalent experience
• A strong proficiency in C++
• Professional experience with D3D / OpenGL
• A strong background in 3d math and rendering systems
• At least 4 years of professional software development experience


• Proven track record of technical leadership
• Experience shipping on both PC and console
• AAA game development experience
• DX12 experience

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