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HRIS Analyst

HRIS Analyst

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Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Job Type: Contract

Site: On-Site

Job Order Number: 16768

Job Description:

• Assist project related work, technical support for Payroll systems and troubleshoot payroll processes issues and escalations
• Contribute to the development of programs and processes to ensure payroll compliance and efficient processing within Payroll Operations
• Support the Payroll Services and Operations Team and work in a highly collaborative team environment
• Represent the Payroll Support Team as a subject matter expert on company-wide projects, including all cross-functional work related to Payroll Services and Operations
• Participate in the coordination of timelines, attendance of meetings, contribute work to project plan, create test scripts, perform UAT testing and validate data
• Lead small payroll projects, from the creation of timelines, facilitation of meetings, the delegation of duties, take notes, and follow up and confirm completion of tasks
• Prepare, process, and audit of highly sensitive payroll compensation files, including the payroll set up, processing, auditing, and reconciling payroll programs, including Stock, ESPP, NQDC and payroll related executive compensation items for accurate payment and reporting
• Ensure compliance of all programs adheres through audits and reconciliation
• Develop reconciliation procedures, identify and implement improvements of department processes, procedures and audits to increase operational effectiveness, accuracy and ensure legal compliance
• Support legal compliance and be the point of contact for requests from the legal department, or other assigned internal teams
• Support year-end and quarter-end payroll activities, including organizing meetings and deliverables with all team partners and tasks for the production team
• Ensure tasks are completed accurately and on time

• Adept at prioritization and organization of tasks, assigned and unassigned, at all times
• Strong communication skills
• Critical thinking
• Customer focus
• Analytical skills

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