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Managing Director - Marketing

Managing Director - Marketing

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Location: Seattle, Washington

Job Type: Direct Hire

Site: Hybrid

Job Order Number: 16762

Job Description:

The Role
Events Coordination
• Organizing and coordinating team meetings
o Venue
o Dates
o Food
o Topics
• Organizing and coordinating team culture events
o Annual golf tournament
o Holiday awards brunch
o Holiday team party
o Team appreciation gifting
o Team member milestones, birthdays, and special circumstances
• Client Appreciation Events
o Just Because Cocktail Event
 Coordinating an event for up to 350 people with catering, beverage, themes, and gifts
o Summer Event
 Family oriented event for up to 500 people
o Smaller client events
 Smaller group events paid by brokers for their clients, coordinated by Managing Director
 Example: Kraken Suite 2022
• Managing team brand
o Messaging
o Look and feel
o Managing vendors to execute
o Opportunities to expand reach
o Ability to replicate and systematize for team members
• Manage and Coordinate Team Social Media Marketing
• Management of Team Website
• Develop Quarterly Campaigns for team brand marketing
• Identify key causes for team to sponsor/attend
• Coordinate team service day(s)
• Coordinate YouthCare blanket and jacket drive
• Assist in launching new services
• Coordinating franchise or expansion model with partners
• 3+ years of marketing experience
• 3+ years of management experience
• Experience in events planning/coordination
• Ability to use excel and InDesign
• Familiarity with implementing consistent systems and processes across an organization of more than 20 people
• Desire to work in an environment that prioritizes joy over commission results

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