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Lone Star, California

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Recruiter Coordinators are responsible for assisting in company’s recruiting and Talent Acquisition methods and strategies. They are responsible for finding, attracting and hiring new employees to fill open positions and meet company’s workforce needs and goals.
Recruiting Coordinator duties and responsibilities
• Develop recruitment goals and objectives
• Develop sustainable recruiting strategy based on our goals and needs
• Source passive candidates
• Search resume databases for the most fit candidates
• Communicate with Hiring Managers
• Determine the effectiveness and success of current recruiting plans and strategies
• Build talent networks to find qualified active and passive candidates
• Use multi channel approach to recruit
• Identify key recruiting KPIs
• Plan and implement a Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding strategy to attract high quality applicants
• Review applicants to evaluate if they meet the position requirements
• Adhere to laws, rules and regulations
• Adhere to personal data privacy regulations
• Prepare a report on a weekly basis for the tasks completed or in progress
Recruiting Coordinator requirements and qualifications
• Ability and willingness to learn about the position requirements
• Passion about HR methods
• Ability to scan large volumes of resumes.
• Experience in Employer Branding methods
• Understanding and familiarity with Recruitment Marketing
• Good understanding and experience with HR tools such as ATS and HRIS
• Some understanding of basic marketing strategies
• l thinker and problem-solving skills
• Team player
• Good time-management skills
• Great interpersonal and communication skills
• Degree in Business Administration or relevant field

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