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• Be proud knowing your next job is helping to cure cancer! Computational Biology is the crucial chasm in understanding the human genome and how it relates to disease.
• We work in cross-functional teams to do fundamental research aimed at not only understanding the cellular operating system (DNA) but codifying a language to program those cells.
• Research into this cell editing and analysis of the results via next generation gene sequencing and super resolution microscopy is the foundation for new forms of personalized medicine.
• Software development team builds modern, cloud-based software that supports the Institutes’ efforts to turn biological tissue into actionable data and tools to analyze that data to generate biological insights and eventually, therapies.
• We are looking for the right Senior Full Stack Developer to work with the some of the smartest scientists in the county to explore how gene editing can help cure cancer.
• While you don’t need a background in Biology you will need working knowledge of all parts of the agile SDLC, be familiar with hybrid cloud environments, have expertise and an interest in dev-ops, and be excited to contribute architectural and functional solutions that extend and grow our software.
• You will be part of a cross-discipline team, using Lean methodology, quickly iterating on features and requirements to shape the products we build.

On a day to day basis you will:

• Design overall architecture of applications and contribute to their coding.
• Collaborate with UX designers and scientists to bring the visual and functional interaction into the lab.
• Maintain code integrity and organization.
• Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications.
• Be responsible for estimated timelines to get solutions out quickly.

Job Requirements

We are looking for a person that have working or expert knowledge in the following:

Software solution architecture.
Rapid interactive prototyping.
Modern progressive SPA web application best practices.
Microservice architecture.
Micro-frontend architecture.
Understanding and implementation of security and data protection.
Dev-Ops: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, CI/CD, GitHub/GitLab, load balancing, Next Flow, VMs
JavaScript: NodeJS, React, (some Angular), state management (i.e. Redux), server-side rendering, animations/transitions, testing frameworks
Build/Bundling systems and workflows, i.e. Webpack
MVC frameworks: Django, Flask
General data layers: RDB, no-SQL, GraphQL (bonus)
General languages: Python, JavaScript (Node and browser), SQL, shell, HTML, CSS
Data visualization, i.e. D3.js (nice to have)

Benefits and Perks

We offer competitive pay plus generous benefits, including: choice of two medical plans (one with fully-paid health premiums), dental, and vision, 403(b) match, and generous paid time off and paid holidays.


Institute for Biomedical Sciences is an independent, non-profit research institute located in Seattle, Washington. Altius is pioneering new technologies and approaches for decoding how genes are controlled and how a cell’s "operating system" functions in health and disease. We couple the scientific creativity and innovation of an academic environment with previously unavailable integrated capabilities in instrumentation, automation, and computation.

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