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• Support DSR Data Intelligence team and Risk & Resilience teams by identifying data sources that would meet the business requirements for Security Exception Inventory and Reporting.
• Work closely with data scientists, data engineers, business and project stakeholders and incorporate their expertise into data science solutions.
• Create and maintain Big Data ETL/ELT pipelines using knowledge of data engineering in Azure cloud environment.
• Load data from various sources as needed with governance on compliance, quality, terms of use and availability leveraging knowledge of Azure cloud resources.
• Create and maintain Azure Synapse notebooks to load the data, apply data transformations using Spark SQL, Python or other scripts needed to process the data for reporting.
• Automate the data loading and transformation process using Azure pipelines, scripts and other relevant technologies.
• Use SQL , Python skills to analyze the data. Use structured approach to leverage datasets to provide actionable data-driven insights to customers.
• Communicate system health through storytelling and visualization using Power BI reports or dashboards.
• Implement Data/ML solutions on complex data from various sources.
• Build metrics and dashboards for our customers.

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