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13 Highest Salary IT Jobs in 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

In today’s fast-paced modern trend, technology careers soar in numbers because the situation is starting to adopt advanced machinery. In contrast, the traditional process of doing things is now being automated.

In line with this, the value of technology professionals with the right set of skills has become a priority. That is why companies are very particular in hiring the right talent to spearhead their business processes.

In 2022 RYLEM candidate submissions, the top 13 highest salary IT Jobs in Seattle and nearby cities will help you recalibrate your strategic career decision.

1. Data Engineer

Companies need data engineers who can transform a large amount of raw data into data insight so that management can understand where the business is now and what to do with it. These experts typically develop a company's software and hardware architecture and the systems people need to work with the data.

2. Information Systems Security Manager

As the business grows, employers need skilled IT security professionals that help keep sensitive data and systems safe. These pros also need to keep up with the security trends and government regulations.

3. Mobile Applications Developer

We all know that people are more inclined to mobile in today's game with the A+ service quality and smooth UX/UI curve. These professionals are experts in developing applications or popular platforms, such as iOS and Android.

4. Data Architect

These tech pros handle complicated processes essential to making strategic business decisions. They are the ones who translate business requirements into database solutions and oversee data storage and how data is organized.

5. Database Manager

These IT pros maintain and support a firm's database environment, helping companies use data more strategically to meet their business goals.

6. Data Scientist

Data scientists use their skillset of statistics and modeling to make sense of complex data from various sources.

7. Data Security Analyst

This job requires excellent communication and problem-solving skills and knowledge of security and government regulations trends.

8. Senior Web Developer

They gather business requirements and develop specifications for web-based applications, making web properties look consistent and attractive; they also provide technical assistance to web admins and integrate front and backend systems.

9. Systems Engineer

Systems engineers maintain and support a company's technical infrastructure, including hardware and software. If necessary, when a system fails, they'll debug and reconfigure that system. That makes knowledge of the development process critical to the job as well.

10. Software Engineer

Software engineers design and create engineering specs for both applications and software, which means they're almost always in demand. Software engineers must have information systems knowledge and a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related area.

11. Site Reliability Engineer

Site reliability engineers monitor application performance and must thoroughly understand the application and code. They also can write code like any software developer, essentially bridging the gap between development and operations in applications production.

12. Network/Cloud Engineer

These tech professionals need to be experts in networking and cloud hardware and software. They are responsible for the execution, design, upkeep, and day-to-day support of network and cloud services.

13. Network/Cloud architect

With excellent technical problem-solving skills, network/cloud architects plan, design, and upgrade network and cloud projects. They're a technology team's go-to resource for solving problems with a network's architecture and providing recommendations for system enhancements.

Even though these are only the top 13 IT roles that poses a high paying career. It doesn't mean that other job openings are underneath the bracket. Our partners offer competitive salary with exemplary benefit for other IT roles. Visit openings here for more information.

You can also request a meeting with our recruiter if you are looking for a certain roles that is not indicated above, and we'll do our best to help you find the right fit. Or, if you know someone awesome that may benefit from this role, you can also refer a friend.

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