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How to Make a Great First Impression

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

1. Stay Sharp

When you are attending a meeting for the first time, it is not a good impression to make “good excuses” for being late. It’s always better to arrive at the meeting place a few minutes early and allow flexibility for possible delays such as traffic. If your first meeting is virtual, apart from arriving early in the meeting, it is a must to check your tech and connection beforehand and think about your backdrop and surroundings.

Remember: Arriving early is much better than arriving later in a meeting and is the first step toward creating a great first impression.

2. Be Attentive

When you are talking to another person, attentive behavior will help you make a good impression. So, it is important to have your best behavior during the meeting. For instance, setting aside modern-day distractions such as turning off your mobile phone so that you can give the person your full attention.

Do not forget that your new acquaintance deserves 100% of your attention. Anything less and you’ll likely make them feel unimportant or even irritated.

3. Have a Gorgeous Winning Smile

As they said, “Smile, and the world smile too.” So, having a winning smile can make a good impression on the other person. A warm and confident smile will put both you and the other person at ease and make the other person feel that they are welcome. But don’t go overboard by having this smile because some people who take this too far can seem insincere.

4. Flaunt Your Confidence

In making a good first impression on someone, your body language speaks louder than your words. So, use your body language to project inappropriate confidence and self-assurance to other people. Having good confidence when talking to someone will help both of you to feel more at ease.

Remember, being a little nervous is normal for the first time, but this can lead to unwanted small movements such as nail-biting, the “jitter” or sweaty palms. So, it's better to keep these habits in check and relax during the meeting. Be open and confident about yourself.

5. Use Small Talk

Small talk is an integral part of having a good first impression. It is a good conversation starter between people who don’t know each other well. So do not forget that conversations are based on verbal give and take. So, it's better to prepare questions or topics beforehand or be attentive to your topic.

6. Always Keep that Positive Charm

Having a positive attitude is important because it shines through in everything you do. So even if you feel nervous about your meeting, project your positive attitude and get a good first impression on someone. Show that you are an approachable person by maintaining good manners and by smiling!

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